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Our international market knowledge, your link to success!

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International market knowledge

and an extensive network

Do you see international sales opportunities for your products? But is analysing and developing a new market abroad too challenging for your company at the moment? Then you should know that Euro Sales Link offers this support in international sales development. We have a broad experience and knowhow regarding export support, both in and outside of Europe. Euro Sales Link has more than 20 years experience in developing markets in multiple countries and has an extensive international network of personal contacts in a wide range of business areas. Experience built up in various business sectors. We know how to approach a new market and how to  develop this into a profitable market for your company. Euro Sales Link is your link to success!

We find new business for you

Collaboration with Euro Sales Link will directly result in new business for your organisation. We will introduce your company to potential customers in your market segment in countries selected by you.  And look after  the follow up with these contacts. This way we build a database of personal contacts and  actual sales leads. Do you want to know more about the possibilities for your company and our operating method? Please contact us.

Why choose Euro Sales Link?

We have a broad knowledge of how to do business internationally. The business philosophy in each country is different. International market knowledge is essential in order to investigate your sales opportunities in specific countries. For entering and developing a foreign market, international market knowledge is even more important than product knowledge. (You already know all about your product anyway). The necessary search and selection of potential customers to build a new market abroad takes time. Nevertheless we are able to do exactly that fast and efficient, thanks to our extensive international network, which enables us to provide our services at competitive cost. Your collaboration with Euro Sales Link will therefore save you a lot of time and therefore money. 

The strengths of Euro Sales Link

  • Extensive international market knowledge and more than 20 years international experience
  • Fast and targeted international market research
  • International market introduction combined with concrete sales leads
  • Sales support in and outside Europe in various sectors
  • We act as your intermediary and support you during negotiations