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Being successful in international business with concrete sales leads

History of Euro Sales Link

Euro Sales Link was founded on 01-09-2000 by Peter Struikman. With his company he offers sales support for entrepreneurs who seek international expansion. The specialism of Euro Sales Link is not the product itself, but the knowledge and experience developing a foreign market. Many aspects are involved, such as cultural differences and analysis of market specific demands. 

Growing internationally with concrete sales leads

The primary objective of Euro Sales Link is to find concrete sales contacts for your business  in markets abroad. You will  see to the actual sales and we supply specific data. We are not about providing endless lists of irrelevant  data, but supply targeted  data for your company and market in order to enhance the growth chances for you.

Peter Struikman speaking

“Our core activity is finding new business  for our principals. We also supply specific information on foreign markets and advice on product introduction and international market entry strategy.

Our experience and expertise is broad in a large number of sectors. Some examples are; automotive, agriculture, packaging, construction, healthcare, metal and oil & gas. We are more than 20 years active in the B2B business. That has resulted in a very large network of contacts that give us a considerable advantage when exploring new international markets.” 

Do you want to know more?

Euro Sales Link is active for all kinds of principals  in Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Australia, Canada and the USA. Do you want to know more about our operating method? Or more specific what we can do for you? Please contact us.