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4-Phases of International Sales Support 

Our international Sales Support is based on a 4-Phases model. After each Phase there is a go or no-go point. The 4 Phases of this model are:
  1. Exploration. We investigate the chances for your products in a new market. We will give an overview of the market structure and advice on the best market entry strategy to be applied. 

  2. Mobilisation. Together with you we decide what strategy is most suited for entering the market. We give you insights in to the consequences of the chosen strategy. We start immediately with introducing your company to business relations and networks. This way we build up a database of potential customers.

  3. Implementation. During this Phase we analyse your strengths  and weaknesses, as seen from the perspective of a specific country. Based on the conclusion of the analysis, we propose improvements. Meanwhile we keep building a database for you. 

  4. Support. Once you are active on the new foreign market, you can still make use of our international market knowledge and expertise to continuously support your sales activities. We can accompany you visiting customers or support you at exhibitions.

Sales Support in and outside Europe

Euro Sales Link is active in many countries, in cooperation with local partners. in addition to many European countries, we are active outside Europe in the Middle East, Singapore, Australia, Canada and the USA amongst others.

Sectors in which we are active on a regular basis are:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Solar- and wind energy
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Building construction
  • Medical & Care 
  • Agricultural 

Do you want to know more about the possibilities for your company and our operating method? Please contact us. We are more than happy to answer your questions.

Euro Sales Link offers concrete solutions

  • During exploration: Understanding the feasibility of the product-market combination. Insights in specific demands regarding the product, the logistics and delivery terms.
  • During Mobilisation: Perception of the way the market needs to be approached. Understanding the consequences for your internal sales organisation. You will obtain a database of potential customers.
  • During Implementation: Strengths and weaknesses analysis, and improvement suggestions. Increase of your client base and sales channels. 
  • During Support: Your company is able to approach the market consistently in a targeted and professional manner. Your (growing) organisation keeps benefiting from our experience and expertise.