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To give you a better idea of what we could mean for your company, we highlight a few of our projects. Some are concluded other are still ongoing and maybe you have already an idea for your project. We will gladly be of assistance.

Oil & Gas Valves, transport protection. Active worldwide.

For the introduction on several international markets of a producer of protective products for valves and flanges we did a full market research and made a business plan. After a successful start in France other European countries were targeted  and developed. In India a joint-venture was established. Now actual sales from Australia, Singapore and the UAE are up and running. The first contacts in Canada and the USA are effectuated and also China is on the radar.

Alternative fuels, waste-to-energy

After a market research for a company making new alternative fuel from waste, ESL contacted companies in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England and France. Using the extended network of ESL several cooperation agreements were concluded for this principal.

Hail damage on cars

ESL found out for a specialist in paintless dent repair that hailstorms occur very often in the south of France, northern Italy, the south of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After analysing the markets it was clear that the insurance companies played a key role for developing a new repair system. Within a few years our principal became a leading player in this segment in several countries.

Apparel in Healthcare

For one of the largest Dutch manufacturers of apparel we performed a market research in the broad healthcare sector in the Netherlands. Our approach was based on open questions only, that way we succeeded in getting much more information about the use of apparel . Based on the outcome of our research our client decide to appoint an extra representative, specific for this market segment. Which has quickly proved  to be successful.

Wound care; what are the possibilities in France

A large dermatology company asked us to investigate the French market for the introduction of  an innovative wound care product. ESL interviewed regulators, hospital organisations and several Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) to determine how this markets operates and what the best market entry strategy would be. Based on this information we found a local partner for our principal and we found 2 hospitals interested in testing the new product in practice.

Bespoke ear protectors. A USP in one country does not have to be a success  in another country

ESL was asked to research in France what type of ear protectors are used and through which  sales channels. In the Netherlands their unique selling point was to measure the ears of each individual and supply bespoke ear protectors. Almost immediately we found out that this is a medical treatment in France and only GP’s may execute this. No market introduction, but a very fast answer that saved a lot of effort and money.